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Digital era will bring you billions of online shopping information from all over the world. But you need to become smarter to choose the best gateway connecting you to global marketplaces that has payment restrictions or barriers. There are some reasons why you must choose Yuanpay as your reliable bridge to connect you to China and global marketplaces :


Actively buying and selling from China & global marketplaces is our best weapon to serve the customers better than others. We know all the process, problems, and solutions that we can share to you as part of our excellent services. Experienced in worldwide shipping is another good thing, we know how to handle shipping process to all over the world. 


The key of successful shipping process from China to the world is by having warehouse representative in China. Based in one of the biggest trading city in China, Guangzhou, we build connection warehouse to accomodate thousands of customer's orders before we spread them out to customer's places all over the world. Professional team are there to handle. 


Being a bridge isn't enough. You need stronger and flexible bridge connect you to global marketplaces. In Yuanpay, you can purchase one single product for yourself, or you can purchase many products to build or fullfil your business in your country. Besides, we believe that some of you have already connected to some suppliers there, but still have payment hassle. Yuanpay can be your payment bridge without handling your delivery process. 


We accept major international payment methods such as Paypal, Visa/Mastercard, Amex, Bitcoins, Bank Transfer, Western Union, Moneygram, etc. This flexibility will makes you easier to pay without issue regardless where you are.


Easy user interface will be your first impression when you come to Yuanpay website. We guide you to china and global marketplaces from our website in easy manner. As simple as go to the marketplaces link, explore products, get the product's URL, and simply checkout in our website. You will get notification from every process of your purchases thru us. Yuanpay website is always updated, you will see our updates everyday.


Reliable customer services, fluent English and Mandarin language, fast response, problems and solutions management, and easy ticket system. You will never get lost, because Yuanpay team will always be here for you.

What are you waiting for? Connect yourself to global market with Yuanpay, Now !

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